Wednesday May 20, 2020 – Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has ruled out any possibility of Deputy President William Ruto resigning from Government following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s purge that targets him and his allies.

Speaking during an interview, Murkomen, who was ousted last week as Senate Majority Leader by Uhuru for being close to Ruto, said it was not in the DP’s interest nor that of the country to quit.

“They will try all manner of tactics to force him to resign or so that his supporters come out in their numbers to protest then they brand him violent.”

“We will not fall for that.”

“The DP will continue discharging his constitutional duties and Kenyans will choose the next leader when the time comes….” Stated Murkomen.

“I have seen that even the media has fallen for this matter of our unlawful ouster to my losing cars, employees and other personal benefits.”

“Okay, we all need money, but I am happy to lose it for what I believe in.”

“If we all voted with our selfish gain in mind, what country will we have? I made a conscious choice to stand for the Constitution,” he added.

He denied having been disloyal to the President but added that where loyalty to the President and that to the Constitution clashed, he went with the latter.

“Our country is not a monarchy, which is a rule of men, but a republic ruled by law. But even where I did not agree with the President, I did so respectively.”

Asked what may have triggered the bitter falling-out between the country’s top two leaders who were once bosom buddies, Murkomen said he didn’t know of any wrong that the DP had done except to become popular.

“I have agonised over and over as to what could have led to this, but the only mistake Ruto may have made is to be popular.”

“Yet he couldn’t have helped it because it is outside of him. He is not in control, because this love for him is distributed across the country,” he said.

He revealed, without going into details, that even the most junior officials, “who have their positions by virtue of the DP’s contribution to the formation of Government”, had the audacity to humiliate him.

He said the least that the DP Ruto’s detractors would have done was to let him run out his term and refuse to support him at the election, “but to fight him this viciously is the ultimate betrayal”.


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