Saturday, 23 May 2020 – Socialite Faith Makau, who is popularly known as Amber Ray, is a notorious home wrecker who targets well to do men in the city.

Amber Ray survives by peddling flesh to wealthy men and wrecking homes.

She was once dating married city ‘businessman’ Zaheer Jhanda before they parted ways and according to our impeccable sources, she is still snatching other people’s husbands using her bedroom skills that she has perfected after sleeping with so many men.

We came across a hot video of Amber Ray chilling with an unidentified man indoors and the stuff she was doing to him has scared insecure wives.

If this home wrecker seduces your husband, just forget about him and move on.

This dude was reduced to a zombie as the big booty socialite danced to Taarab music while shaking her pumpkin sized derriere that has destroyed many homes.

Watch the video.


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