Friday May 8, 2020 – Embattled Narok Senator, Ledama Ole Kina, has moved to shed off the tag of being Deputy President William Ruto’s mole and Jubilee supporter in ODM after the Raila Odinga-led party ejected him from the chairmanship of the powerful County Public Accounts and Investment Committee for allegedly being Ruto’s spy.

Speaking yesterday, Ledama defended his name and reiterated his support for Raila Odinga arguing that he will never be part of those seeking to break up ODM.

The allegations surfaced after Ledama was supported by Jubilee members in Senate.

“I was surprised when Omanga supported me, but she stated that she did so out of my good performance record.”

“I am not going to speak for them (Jubilee), but we have spoken about the handshake and this is a moment to embrace it.”

“However, I won’t entertain those coming to destroy our party or the other party.”

“The Chairmanship belongs to me and it is seasonal.”

“For me, I only have 6 months.”

“Let me serve my term.”

“It’s not a must I become chairman but I was elected.”

“If by the end of the year I would have not done a good job and someone else wants to be given the job, so be it,” Ledama proclaimed. 


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