Wednesday, 13 May 2020 – Popular social media commentator, Denzel Musonye, has trashed men from Rift Valley who overrate themselves when it comes to bedroom matters.

Rift Valley men, especially Kalenjins and Maasais, brag that they have ‘ngwati or gwati’ – a folded foreskin on their manhoods that increase pleasure during sex and makes them bedroom bullies.

However, Denzel claims that this is hogwash after he slept with a married woman from Narok and made her yell the whole night.

The woman even gave her a present to thank him for good sex because her husband was not satisfying her despite having ‘ngwati’.

Denzel brags that everytime he travels upcountry, he stops at Narok town to meet the married woman for sex.

He told men from Rift Valley to stop overating themselves with the ‘ngwati’ thing because it is useless and most of them are lazy in bed.

He further bragged about how he has slept with many married women around Sotik because their husbands can’t satisfy them in bed.

Read Denzel’s post, LOL!!


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