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Thursday May 21, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto resurfaced yesterday after a long spell of silence since President Uhuru Kenyatta began a purge against him and his allies for going against him.

The DP toured Nachu Ward, Kikuyu Constituency, on a charity mission.

Armed with trucks that were filled with food and other essential items, the DP helped his aides distribute the items to locals.

“Today, 600 families in Nachu Ward were part of the wider 3,600 households that benefitted from our food distribution to shield Kenyans from adverse effects of the outbreak,” he tweeted.

He also shared a progress report on the Marengeta Dam, which he revealed was set to benefit local residents who are primarily farmers.

“We are also investing in various infrastructural projects such as the construction of the Marengeta Dam, which is part of dams that will benefit more than 120,000 households countrywide,” he revealed.

“We are committed to ensuring that vulnerable Kenyans are supported during this tough period of the Covid-19 crisis besides coming up with broad plans that will facilitate the country’s rapid recovery from the disease,” he added.

It is said that Ruto’s aggressive nature, especially trying to outshine Uhuru by purporting to do developments in Central Kenya, earned him the enemy tag with the President

This was a rare appearance by the Deputy President who has been maintaining a low profile since the pandemic broke out.


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