Monday, 25 May 2020 – An international photographer has exposed the late Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend, Omar Lali, as a drug dealer and a leader of a notorious criminal gang in Lamu that harasses tourists.

The international writer and photographer who is identified as Alexis de Villar, narrated how Lali and the gang he leads tried to extort Ksh 1.8 million from him last year, claiming that he took photos of them without their consent.

They managed to convince a local judge to order an overnight seizure of his passport unless he gave them Ksh 1.8 million.

He refused to give them  the money they were demanding and left the country, leaving behind a photography business he had established in the area using all his savings.

The photographer describes Lali as a drug dealer who sells hard drugs in Lamu and leads a gang of extortionists.

He further described him as a dangerous womanizer and disclosed that he introduced the late Keroche’s heiress, Tecra Muigai, to drugs since he is also a drug addict.

The photographer further revealed that Lali assaults women and called him a bandit.

Here’s the full statement that the international photographer posted on his facebook page exposing Lali’s dirt.

To all MEDIA / Editorial Staff: my name is Alexis de Vilar. I´m an international writer and photographer. In November last year I was extortioned and ambushed by a bandit named Omar Lali and his gang, by falsely claiming I had taken pictures of them without consent. They managed to convince a local judge to order an overnight seizure of my passport unless I gave them 1.800.000 KES (around 18.000 US$). Obviously I refused to pay one cent to this mob and left the country in December 2019. By doing that I lost my business in Lamu, a brand new gallery headquartered in two very old buildings that I renovated during many months using all my savings. I was happy to clean the nearby streets, fix the floor holes to avoid anyone falling at night specially old people and children. Besides I did my best to contribute providing free medical assistance for the 7 people I employed and their families among a much needed community. Just recently last week one of the members of Omar Lali’s gang, signed an AFFIDAVIT in front of the OCS (Chief Police Commander) of Lamu saying that it was all an ambush instigated by this Omar Lali.

The issue is that he is probably going to walk free this coming Tuesday 26th of May 2020, for lack of evidence in the murder of heiress Tecra Muigai, so it will be declared an accidental manslaughter under Kenya law. As much as I hate him for what he did to me, I honesty believe that he didn’t murder his girlfriend. It was not in his interest to destroy the only source of income he had. Also for a dumb beach boy to be seen in the company of a rich and highly sophisticated woman was like winning the lottery. What drives me very upset is that someone with such a criminal mind is portrayed by most Kenya press as a romantic victim of his poor upbringing, thus getting a lot of support by people that don’t know him and have never met him. The attached AFFIDAVIT signed by one of the bandits, fully proofs as it is registered and stamped by the OCS (Commander of all Lamu region), that this Omar Lali is in fact the chief of a criminal gang of drug addicts that extortions, abuses, facilitate drugs to innocent people (as in the case of that poor Tecra Muigai, the post mortem exam duly will highlight the amount and nature of the various drugs found in her body.)

It is a fact that this Omar Lali is a well known drug addict, a womanizer that abuses women by beating them frequently as he is most of the time drunk or heavy with drugs, specially bhang-smoking, or both. But what can be expected from a guy that besides is directing a gang of thieves that extort and harass local people and visitors to the archipelago? To add to this problem many islands and villages have been increasingly affected by heroin dealers that often terrorize their own siblings. This is in no way useful for a community that have been long distressed by terrorist attacks in the last few years and even recently. Lamu can’t afford more Omar Lalis… Maybe the Kenya justice system and the Keroche family will forgive this bandit, I will not. I will sue him and his gang for the rest of my life through all international forums and courts till he is, together with the rest of his gang, locked behind bars for a long time so Lamu can be back to normal and shine again with all its magic.

I’m ready to forward the attached AFFIDAVIT + plenty of pictures of the 3 members of the gang to all accredited media. For any further info on the matter, please contact me via email: /

Here are members of his gang.


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