Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – The Kenyan Government has revealed that only three pregnant women have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus in the country.

While pregnant women are among the people put under high risk due to their low immunity system, no deaths have been reported so far.

Health Director General, Patrick Amoth, made the revelations while answering questions from members of the public via twitter on Wednesday.

 “We reported three cases of pregnant women with Covid-19, but no fatalities.” Dr Amoth said.

On the same note, Dr Amoth maintained that no one is immune from the disease and everyone should adhere to the prescribed measures of avoiding infection.

“No one is immune to #COVID19.”

“Regardless of age, we urge everyone to continue with our laid down measures: wash hands, wear mask, sanitize, keep social & physical distance and stay at home as much as is possible,” Dr Amoth explained.

Kenya has so far lost 50 people due to Covid19 but according to Dr Amoth, all those who have died had underlying illnesses that also contributed to their deaths.


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