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Wednesday May 6, 2020 – Siaya Senator, James Orengo, has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to wake up from slumber, reminding him that he has only two years left.

According to Orengo, who is also Raila Odinga’s right hand man, the Jubilee Government is on its third of the five-year tenure with only two years left to the 2022 General Elections.

He said that the Government should get out of its slumber and put their house in order.

“The Jubilee Government wake up!”

“You must get together to ensure you are in a position of addressing those problems.”

“You find that ministers cannot sit together, MPs cannot sit together and even here I know who cannot sit with so and so.”

“You should get together because you have only two years to go, wake up,” said Orengo.

With various parts of Western Kenya hit by flash floods that have rendered thousands homeless, Orengo noted that the Jubilee Government has done little to contain the pandemic.

“What Kibaki Government did to the people of Budalangi… as soon as Jubilee came, even a bridge they tried to build when the President went there collapsed.”

“That is the face of Jubilee in all honesty,” said the Senator.

Orengo also hit out at Uhuru and his Government for the evictions carried out at the Kariobangi Sewage Estate which left thousands homeless.

“The international law has provided guidelines on forced evictions.”

“If you have to evict someone forcefully, the guidelines are there, because those forced evictions have social consequences, the family consequences in terms of disruptions of family.”

“The Constitution also talks about the right to adequate housing so these international standards require that before you evict a family from a dwelling, you must first of all deal with the question, where is that family going, before you evict,” stated Orengo.

The demolitions came after the Government began the process of reclaming 1,600 acres in Ruai that were set aside for the expansion of the Dandora Treatment Plant.

The evictions caused an uproar in the Senate with a number of Senators disappointed in how the process was handled.


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