Wednesday, 06 May 2020 – Kenyan gospel songbird, Emmy Kosgey, has revealed that no man from the Kalenjin community approached her before she fell in love with aging Nigerian preacher, Anslem Madubuko.

Emmy got married to the wealthy Nigerian preacher in 2013 through a lavish wedding despite their age difference of about 23 years.

Speaking through a live facebook interview, Emmy said that most Kalenjin men are introverts and don’t’ know how to express their love to a woman.

“There is no Kalenjin man who came to me and told me they want to marry me.”

“This is why sometimes ones sees something is good but fails to speak up.”

“An example is a pan, you feel like having it but you don’t put it in action and when the pan is taken away by another person, you start questioning why.” She said.

“The problem we have as a community is our people being introverts.”

“Instead of someone hitting the nail on the head, they start asking the girl whether it rained at their place and seeking more details about their home which is not necessary,” she added.

Emmy further said that she doesn’t fear Nigerian men who are usually branded notorious womanizers and said that she knows other Kalenjin ladies who are happily married to Nigerian men.

‘Why should you fear? I know of a number of women from my community who are happily married to Nigerian men.’ She further added.


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