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Saturday May 23, 2020 – Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina chose to vote yes for the removal motion against Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki to reiterate his loyalty to ODM and its party leader, Raila Odinga.

Ledama said on Friday that he was still committed to party loyalty despite his own challenges with ODM which sought to dewhip him from the powerful Public Accounts and Investments Committee (PAIC) after he voted alongside Deputy President William Ruto’s Tanga Tanga camp.

Ledama supported the impeachment motion against Kindiki despite political rumour that he may continue voting with the political camp associated with the DP.

“My friend Senator Kindiki, we are here to discuss the issue of party loyalty and not your competence.”

“You and I share the same challenge when my party loyalty was questioned.”

“But I’m a loyal to my party and that is what I want to restate.”

“My party leader has been informed by political squatters that I’m disloyal but that is not true.”

“When it comes to party loyalty, there is nothing you can do.”

“Your goose is cooked because when a party has made a decision, it does not matter how much you fight.”

“The best you can do is walk away and live to fight another day.”

“Loyalty is something that history has taught us that we cannot change,” Ledama said.

The outspoken Senator said that he will fight for his position within ODM but urged Senators to have a clear delimitation on meritocracy versus party loyalty.

“If my party chooses to de-whip me because it perceives me as disloyal, the only thing I can do is to convince them that I’m loyal and fight for what is mine from within.”

“However, as a house we may need to define the difference party loyalty and meritocracy but for Kindiki, it boils down to loyalty.”

“I want to assure my party leader that despite the rumours you are getting, I’m loyal to the party,” the Senator said.


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