Wednesday May 20, 2020 – Former National Super Alliance (NASA) strategist, David Ndii, has advised Deputy President William Ruto on how to win the Kikuyu community vote during the 2022 presidential race.

Ruto, who is second in command in the Jubilee leadership line-up, has already declared his interest in the top seat but his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, is against it.

Uhuru has teamed up with patented loser, Raila Odinga, to jeopardise Ruto’s journey to State House in 2022.

Ndii who is an Oxford-trained economist, has now advised Ruto to surrender all his stolen properties if he wants to get a huge chunk of the Kikuyu vote in 2022.

“Ruto and his gang should confess, seek forgiveness, and atone by returning what they have stolen.”

“If they commit to do so, we must promise them amnesty on condition they refrain from public office.”

“We can then join forces to drive dynasties out.”

“I volunteer to negotiate the deal,” Ndii said.


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