Friday May 15, 2020 – Former IEBC commissioner, Roselyn Akombe, has kept Kenyans on the edge after promising she will soon reveal what happened in 2017 that led to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory.

Responding to a tweep who told her that she had the chance to take Kenyans to Canaan but she wasted the opportunity, Akombe noted that she really wanted to take Kenyans to Canaan but she couldn’t due to obvious reasons.

She promised to drop a bombshell on what happened in 2017 that forced her out of the country because it was not as people thought it was.

“No, I did not have a chance.”

“I will release my story in detail one day, when I am legally unbound, and you will understand what I mean.”

“As long as we pretend that we have independent institutions, we will continue the charade,” stated Akombe.

Akombe resigned and fled to the US ahead of the repeat presidential polls on October 26th, 2017.

Upon her exit, she claimed that there was massive corruption at the commission that led to her fleeing the country.

Since then, it is not clear why she left without presenting enough evidence to Kenyans who deserve answers.

In 2018, Akombe exposed the rot at the electoral agency, providing the first insider evidence that August 8th, 2017, polls could have been compromised.

Her damning “end of assignment” report detailed how Chiloba put the brakes on the multi-billion-shilling procurement on the pretext of time constraint, thereby ensuring they were directly sourced.

Later on, Akombe told BBC that she and her brother had received death threats forcing them to flee the country.


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