Saturday May 30, 2020 – Kenya Medical Association (KMA) has warned the Government against easing restrictions that were put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The warning came in the wake of increasing speculation that President Uhuru Kenyatta could lift some of the measures that he imposed earlier, in his next public address expected on June 6th.

Addressing the press, KMA Vice Chairman, Dr Lukoye Atwoli, said lifting any of the measures would be detrimental in the fight against the pandemic.

The Vice Chair argued that infection cases have been increasing sharply in the recent past and that no single day has passed without Kenya recording infections.

“We have to ask why we had closure of the economy.”

“If it was to test the masses, we must demonstrate that before re-opening… We have to justify why we need to re-open by understanding why we were closed in the first place,” he said.

The medics projected that about 88% of Kenyans will be infected by the killer virus by January 2021 and reopening the economy would only worsen the situation.


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