Sunday, 31 May 2020 – When K24 was re-branding in early 2019, Betty Kyallo was poached from KTN where she started her career as an intern before rising up the ranks to become a leading news anchor in the country.

She was ushered in to her new workstation with a fleet of limousines and billboards splashed all over in major highways, announcing that she had joined the Kenyatta family owned TV station.

Betty Kyallo and Ann Kiguta were part of the so called Next Level Dream Team, that was unveiled to take the re-branded K24 to another level  but flopped badly.

The salaries of the two anchors have finally been revealed.

According to Cyprian Nyakundi, Betty has been earning a whooping Ksh 950,000 per month after being poached from KTN, where she was earning a monthly salary of Ksh 125,000.

While at KTN, she used to sleep with politicians and business moguls to supplement her income and continued with the behaviours until her value in the market depreciated.

This week, senior managers of the struggling media house made a decision to fire Betty Kyallo for poor performance after she went to court to protest a 50 percent salary cut.

Infact, she was supposed to be fired around October last year but she was given a second chance which she failed to utilize , forcing decision makers at the Kenyatta family owned TV station to fire her.

Nyakundi reveals that Ann Kiguta, a baby mama to the President’s nephew and Personal Assistant, Jomo Gecaga, earns Ksh 800,000 per month and she is also on the chopping board.

She may be sacked anytime because her weekly political show, Punchline, has been performing poorly.

Here are a series of tweets by Nyakundi revealing hefty salaries of the two washed up TV anchors.


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