Friday, May 8, 2020 – Citizen TV recently aired an expose disclosing how Kenyans have lost millions of shillings  in the hands of Banda Homes, a rogue real estate company.

The real estate company squandered millions of shillings that Kenyans had contributed for off-plan homes that are now covered in bushes as the directors of the company engage the buyers in cat and mouse games.

Benji Ndolo has revealed that Banda Homes CEO, Fabian Nzivo (pictured below), lived a lavish lifestyle after conning innocent Kenyans who withdrew their life savings to invest in the company.

He narrated how the rogue CEO would withdraw a whooping Ksh 10 million and fly to Dubai for parties on weekends.

The rogue company invested in massive advertising to lure gullible Kenyans who are now crying foul after losing their hard earned money.

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