Saturday, 23 May 2020 – A clandestine woman cursed the day she was born after she was confronted by a jilted wife who found out that she has been meeting her husband for secret sex escapades.

The aggrieved woman, who was breathing fire and roaring like a lion, rained kicks and blows on her husband’s clandestine lover, accusing her of wrecking her marriage.

She was accompanied by her female friends when she accosted the clandestine woman and beat her black and blue.

A video shared online shows the poor woman pleading for mercy as the aggrieved woman interrogates her, questioning what she was doing with  her husband in the nearby town where they were spotted together.

The woman pleaded with the jilted wife to spare her life saying that her cheating husband lied to her that he was single after parting ways with his wife.

Watch the dramatic video.


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