Sunday May 31, 2020 – A Nyeri based man has claimed that his life is in danger after he wrote an inciting comment in a live page on Facebook on Friday.

During protests in Minneapolis on Friday, Ndiritu called on Americans to “burn White House” in protest against the killing of an unarmed black man called George Floyd.

Ndiritu, who has become a social media hero over the last two days, said he fears that Secret Service, sleuths from the CIA and FBI might be hunting him down.

“Yesterday, I was not accepting friend requests on Facebook.”

“It was a bit scary.”

“I feared the intelligence, just a friend request and then they start tracing you through that.”

“If they took interest with my comment, that tells you that no information goes to those offices that do not reach the President of that country,” he said.

Ndiritu called on Kenyan security agencies to intervene and ensure that his security is not threatened by the many fake accounts that are riding on his newfound fame to incite the burning down of the White House.

On Saturday, White House was put on lockdown after Ndiritu’s comment.


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