Saturday May 30, 2020 – An unknown Kikuyu man has forced White House to be put on lockdown after he called on protesters to burn the US president’s official resident to the ground in their remonstration against the killing of George Floyd.

The man who was identified as Alex Ndiritu took to the social media page of CNN and asked Minneapolis protestors who were burning the city to instead burn White House so that their grievances can be heard.

On Friday evening, protesters arrived at Pennsylvania Avenue/ Lafayette Park, forcing Secret Service to lock down the White House.

The doors to the White House briefing room, where reporters have their offices were also locked and Secret Service officers were not letting anyone off White House grounds.

There were members of the press corps around the press entrance but they were just cleared out and brought back to the White House press briefing room.

George Floyd, 46, an unarmed black man, was murdered by white police officers from Minneapolis Police Station last weekend.


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