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Tuesday, 19 May 2020 – An Instagram slay queen identified as Audrey Zeeey, who trashes broke men and sets standards on the popular social media platform, is among ladies posted in Jalango’s Boys Club WhatsApp group after one of the members dismantled her private parts.

A member posted a photo of Audrey in the group and confirmed that he banged her at a rented apartment after dishing out a few thousands to her.

Audrey displays a lavish life on Instagram although she doesn’t disclose what she does for a living but we now know that she is a notorious pussy vendor.

She has gone missing on social media after the scandal but she left traces behind.

See her photos and video.

See video of the slay queen pussy vendor flaunting her goodies.


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  1. What does it benefit you people to spread lies and rumors, the lady’s picture was posted on that watsapp group, with a guy, there was a challenge of each person posting their crush and osiemo posted her as his crush
    The lady is employed and works as a med rep pays her own bills and doesnt depend on anyone so all these hogwash and defamation just to trend seriously? You need to think and pull down the post asap

  2. But you guys are liars an audio surfaced of the guy who posted that photo in that group apologising to the lady, and ata akasema hawajuani he downloaded the pic from instagram,
    You need to verify what you post not just posting to slander and defame this is wrong

  3. Typical lies, I know the lady and she doesnt even hang out with that group, she is a very well mannered lady wacheni uongo please

  4. Hizi ni typical lies, nkt why kuharibia an innocent person jina, do you know what these does to her very very bad

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